Posted on September 2, 2013


Subtitle: Word of Mouth-how that works!..

Recently I celebrated Clare Hackett, Future Blogger on this blog. Well, Clare and husband John went from Kumasi to Cape Coast where they visited Elmina Castle. And, on their tour of Elmina Castle, Clare got talking to Lisa Fitzgerald(centre) from the U.S. Here’s how their conversation might have gone:
photo (96)
Lisa: I hear you can fly from Accra to Kumasi now. We only have a day or two left here in Ghana.

Clare: Oh, you must stay at Four Villages Inn. We just spent two wonderful days there. You must visit Kumasi Central market, the largest outdoor market in West Africa. Four Villages Inn has got its own guide. Her name’s Comfort and she’s wonderful.And the food there is wonderful as well.

Lisa: This is so good to hear. We’ve just had a not too good experience at the place we’ve been staying at in Accra. I’ll give them a call. I hope they have three rooms for us. It is such short notice. It will be a big surprise for Stewart and Khadizah.

We did have three rooms for them and so they flew. And they arrived right on time at Kumasi Airport where I was waiting to pick them up. How surprised Stewart and Khadizah were! I took them back to the inn to check in, freshen up, and low and behold there’s Comfort to take them off to the market in a tro-tro, their first tro tro ride!

Late in the afternoon, they returned, freshened up and sat down to their four course meal. And then to bed.

It was up the next morning, breakfast and then Khadizah(right) pulled me aside and said she wanted to leave something for Comfort as a thank you for such a memorable experience.

Comfort in her new earring and necklace.

Comfort in her new earring and necklace.

Next it was signing the Four Villages Inn guest book:

“Compared to my villa in Accra during my trip, this inn is way above the rest. Enjoyed the food!”

signed by Stewart Scott

and Comfort’s Grand Tour of Kumasi Central Market tour review book:

“Amazing Day with Comfort! She’s the Best!”

signed by Lisa Fitzgerald

And then it was back out to the airport in the Four Villages Inn a/c SUV in time to catch the flight back to Accra.