Posted on April 13, 2014


Four Villages Inn had the pleasure of hosting David Wolfgang, the dynamic manager of Agoo Hostel located in Nima, Accra. David can only be described as bigger than life…he fills a room with body, character and spirit!
David and me

Great to see a picture of you both! 2 days brainstorming Ghana hospitality and tourism! What fun!

Here’s what director Helen McIntosh posted on Philip Briggs’ Bradt update site about Agoo Hostel, their labour of love!

But their Youtube film gives you an even better idea about what Agoo is all about!

How nice it was of David to travel from Accra by VIP to visit the world of Four Villages Inn. It kind of signifies that we are living up to our motto, “Much much more than just a place to stay.” Judging by Agoo Hostel’s social media presence, I know their establishment too is much much more than just a place to stay! So it was only a matter of time before we hooked up…

Needless to say, I hooked David up with Comfort, our Four Villages Inn exclusive Kumasi Central market tour guide for twelve years now. but I’ve been thinking…this deserves a separate post of its own as there is a big announcement!

After visiting the market with Comfort, David took a tro-tro out to Lake Bosomtwi where he visited Elodie at The Green Ranch at Lake Bosomtwi, another labour of love on the Ghanaian tourism landscape!

That night David joined my son Frank of Four Villages Inn Meats fame and myself for a Ghanaian meal. Early the next day, David joined guests who were having an early morning breakfast of fruit, toast and muffins with our fresh perked coffee before setting off to Accra and work!