Agoo Hostel Accra guests to take Comfort’s famous Kumasi Central Market Tour!

Posted on April 14, 2014


Ring, ring ring:

Chris: Good Day, Four Villages Inn, may I help you?

Caller: I’m told you have an excellent market tour guide and we’d like to engage her services.

Chris: Are you booked to stay at Four Villages Inn?

Caller: No.

Chris: Well, I am so sorry….Comfort guides exclusively for guests of Four Villages Inn. It’s a perk we offer to attract business and we have generously subsidized Comfort over the twelve years she has worked for us. I’m sure the establishment where you are staying here in Kumasi has their own guide. Inquire.

Caller: Thank you very much. Good bye!

Over the years this conversation has been repeated many many times.

David's photo of Kumasi Central market

David’s photo of Kumasi Central market

Well, Four Villages Inn has decided that Agoo Hostel is our kinda of place and the young discerning travellers that choose Agoo just might not be able to afford Four Villages Inn. Well, that shouldn’t preclude them from experiencing Kumasi Central Market with our master guide Comfort. Therefore, with just a facebook message or email from David, giving us the name (s) of his guests coming to Kumasi, Four Villages Inn will arrange for Comfort to meet them.

So it’s win-win all around…for Comfort and the guest (s) as well as Agoo Hostel and Four Villages Inn!

Four Villages Inn adding Comfort for  the Agoo Hostel travellers

Four Villages Inn adding Comfort for the Agoo Hostel travellers