Posted on April 21, 2014


Kwei Quartey is a mystery writer. He is also a past guest of Four Villages Inn. Kwei has been featured in three past posts which I share with you here because he’s such a great past guest!

One is a review of Four Villages Inn after he returned to the U.S.

A second is the post about how Kwei came to choose Four Villages Inn.

and in case you don’t want to read the past post here is the significant part!

“P.S. This morning at breakfast I jokingly requested that Kwei write me into his next novel..and he replied.”Do you want to be a villain?”
I replied, “Oh yes, that’s what I am here! Always the troublemaker, trying to initiate systemic change and always failing to make any difference whatsoever. There are no heroes here in Ghana.” Guess this last comment would be more appropriate on the madinghana blog…”

and a third post relating the laughs we had! And here’s another pertinent quote:

I did tell Kwei that I wanted to appear in his next book, “as the hero or the victim?” he asked. “The hero,” I replied, “as the guy that initiated the SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA campaign that transformed the tourism sector through increased international leisure tourists, stimulating growth in the economy, lowering the budget deficit, a spike in foreign investment, more jobs created , reduced poverty level in the regions, increased tax revenues, an overall BETTER GHANA…after all that is the agenda…” hee, hee…
In my wildest dreams…actually in Kwei’s next novel…”Why do you think I am trying so hard” and how we laughed again.

Well, having just published Murder at Cape Three Points, it seems Kwei is already busy on his next novel entitled
Gold of the Fathers (coming in 2015).

Anyways, I got this message from Kwei this morning, ”

BTW, in the next novel I will feature 4 Villages Inn. Do you want to be in it under a fictional name or your own?”

and here’s how I answered it,

“Wow, our own! thanks! My imagination is running away with me right this minute….”

So, you tell us…how does Four Villages Inn figure into this mystery?…is Chris Scott, a.k.a. madinghana, Chief Scrapper, the victim, the villain, or the hero…oh?