Posted on April 23, 2014


Tourism Stories
Today is World Book Day and the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) announces a new book entitled TOURISM STORIES: HOW TOURISM ENRICHED MY LIFE. So right now download your own copy of UNWTO’s Book of Tourism Stories, capturing how tourism can be a force for betterment of lives around the world.

There are no stories in the book about Ghana, but there could be thousands! No, ten of thousands…Just here at Four Villages Inn, Kumasi, dozens of tourists arrive monthly and go out into the community to impact lives positively. And they all have stories…

In the book each story begins something like this: ‘My name is…….I live in …….This is my story.’

So, here’s an example from the world of Four Villages Inn. For years we have hosting teachers and students from an international school in Switzerland. Here’s the leader of the project’s story…
BCS Ibrahim
“My name is Ibrahim Oubda. I am a Ghanaian. I grew up in a military family and I pride myself on my discipline. In my youth, I was a footballer and played professional in Ghana for Asante Kotoko based in Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana and I also played for teams in Europe. Now I am a physical education teacher at a private school in Switzerland. But I haven’t forgotten Ghana. I am passionate about the importance of education in meeting the challenges my country faces in its development.
BCS school sign
In this respect, I have involved my Swiss school community in my dream to create a quality school in a rural area characterized by abject poverty. Each year groups of students accompanied by teachers come to Ghana to live and work in the school and students accompanied by their parent/parents come out to carry out projects. Four Villages Inn has celebrated one such visit, not once, but twice!

and there are spin-offsfor Four Villages Inn besides the business as well… LOL!

Yes, I’ve just brought another group, this time the school administrators and families:
BCS Group
How pleased everyone was, including Chris from Four Villages, with the progress. Three buildings are pictured below. On the left is the new nursery and school library, behind the new toilets, and on the right, the corner of the new classroom block that is pictured below.
BCS three buidings

BCS new classroom block

So, isn’t tourism wonderful. It brings such generosity of spirit to Ghana, and we Ghanaians are truly grateful!

Yes, we are…for the development projects and for the business. Here’s the review the Head of School and family wrote in our Four Villages Inn guest book upon departure:

“A relaxing visit. It was nice to come home to a calm and friendly atmosphere after a long day in the sun! Well done, keep up the good work!” Paulsons

and the review of the Deputy Head of School and family as well:

‘Thank you for a wonderful stay! We enjoyed meeting you-sharing your lovely home in Ghana. Will email photos!” Schultzes