Posted on April 27, 2014


Congratulations to Ian Utley on the revised 2013; sixth printing 2014 of Ghana: Culture Smart! the essential guide to customs and culture.
culture smart new

How nice of Ian to inscribe our Four Villages Inn copy always available to our guests on the living room elephant coffee table and side tables. Guess I’ll have to shelve the two other older editions…No, they are still relevant.
culture smart inscription

Curious about pages 115 and 165? I was….


The Ashantis are rightly proud of their rich history, and the visitor will find no shortage of museums and cultural and historical sites in the area to impart this (and also the biggest market in West Africa). Travellers in Kumasi consistently recommend the tours, literature, and accommodation available at Four Villages Inn. Ashantis consider themselves the purist of Akans and a study of their culture is highly recommended. An educated Ashanti will give far more justice and depth to an account of the customs and etiquette of Ghana than a foreign guidebook could ever do.”

(my bold print)


And on page 165?

Our website is quoted under the section CULTURAL TOUR WEB SITES

Thank you Ian.